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Ubisoft's latest mobile release, the military RPG Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, brings players one of the best mobile games ever made. Featuring iconic Tom Clancy characters, campaigns, tactical military gameplay, and a rich multiplayer experience, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is without a doubt one of the best titles you can enjoy on your phone or tablet. And the best part is, it's completely free-to-play and available right now! Here's a detailed overview of everything that Tom Clancy's Elite Squad has to offer.

Pure Strategy

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Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

Become the best commander

Tom Clancy's Elite squad blends tactical action with RPG elements, and hosts a cast of all of your favorite Tom Clancy characters. Download now and play for free!

Tight squad-based gameplay

Tom Clancy's Elite SquadSource: Ubisoft

The defining feature of Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is its refined tactics-focused gameplay. You're given the ability to assemble a squad of five different soldiers, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and attributes. Squad composition matters, so players will want to spend time choosing characters that synergize well with one another. Then, once you've built your squad, you deploy them against the enemy and give them orders in the heat of combat to maximize their effectiveness. In addition to this, you can also use abilities like air strikes to soften up your foes or deliver decisive killing blows.

After you take down the enemy, you'll be rewarded with powerful loot that you can use to equip your troops. Also, as your troops continue to win battles, they'll get experience. This will lead to them levelling up and getting stronger. Both of these factors will greatly improve your squad's battle efficiency, so players who spend time properly building and improving a squad are rewarded greatly.

Iconic Tom Clancy characters

Tom Clancy's Elite SquadSource: Ubisoft

Veteran Tom Clancy fans will love the diverse cast of iconic characters that Tom Clancy's Elite Squad has to offer. When building your squad, you'll be able to take control of tons of different fan-favorites from all across Tom Clancy's video game history. Some of the characters you can use include Sam Fischer from Splinter Cell, Nomad from Ghost Recon, Sonnet from H.A.W.X., and Tachanka from Rainbow Six, among many others.

A rich multiplayer experience

Tom Clancy's Elite SquadSource: Ubisoft

Don't worry, multiplayer fans: Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is filled with plenty of excellent content for you, too. Players who are ready to test their mettle against other squad leaders can do so in the arena, where players duke it out for rewards and bragging rights on the scoreboard.

If your multiplayer preferences are grander in scale, the game's guild wars will be perfect for you. You, your friends, and players around the world can all team up under one guild banner and take on rival clans in large-scale assaults where everyone on both sides is giving it their all. Prove why your guild is better than the rest!

Ready to lock and load?

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Source: Ubisoft

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is out now, and it's available for free on both Android and iOS. With its tactical military squad-based gameplay, the game is sure to please Tom Clancy veterans and lovers of military games alike. Plus, between the campaigns, the PvP arena, and the massive guild wars, there's something in Tom Clancy's Elite Squad for everyone to enjoy. Gear up and lock and load!

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