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Somewhere, over the rainbow, there is a neckbeard. And not just any neckbeard. Our neckbeard. Jerrybeard.

We've done podcasts in all sorts of conditions, but this is the first that's been interrupted by a tornado. Find out if Jerry survived! (He did.) See if he woke up in Oz wearing a pair of ruby slippers! (Wouldn't be the first time.)

But more important, we catch up on a whole lot of YOUR questions about all things recent goings on of Android. This is a must-listen show!!!

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Android Central 293: Uncle Jerry's Q&A


I skimmed though the non-video podcast to hear what happened to Jerry. It's talked about at 51:57. Glad Jerry made it through the 'nado.

Tom died. Ray is still kicking and very very much with it.

And I miss that show so much. The podcasts make you realize what we miss.

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Jerry in Oz...

"Why you should (and shouldn't) root your tinman and install a heart".

Glad everything's OK though, sounds like the colonies are a treacherous place!

It's best to assume I'm being sarcastic. if I'm ever serious I'll type "/s" to make it clear.

I'm not going to buy any tin man that doesn't have a microSD slot and a 6,000 mAh battery.

Posted via the Android Central App

Tornados are rare here, but we're pretty familiar with bad weather. I live between two mountain ranges and storm systems like to play pong and bounce between them.

Winters are absolute hell. Every year I tell myself that I'd be better off living in Winnipeg by the main office than be stuck in a seemingly constant ice storm. (Then I sober up) :)

But, Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man, that he didn't, didn't already have...

Unlocked Marshmallow Nexus 6 on Verizon. I'm a happy guy.

To bad the tornado didn't suck up the Moto Z and drop it off in OZ. I'm glad you're okay Jerry

Rodeo time, time to get er on down the road.

Yo Andrew it's there now. Thanks. GPM is my favorite for listening to the AC podcast

Rodeo time, time to get er on down the road

Love the podcasts! Something to listen too on Saturday mornings other than watching the news. All week, it's been about Pulse night club, Grimme, and that poor 2 y/o taken by that gator. I live 30 miles from all that and its been pretty hard here.

It was a nice storm in bli bli ... No damage to crops so I'm cheering ... Good to see jerry survived in his cave lol

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Answering the last question about editing videos on your LG G4. I also have the G4 and use the V10 camera app. I edit my videos using Cyberlink Power Director. It is by far the best most feature packed video editor on Android. Definitely worth the price for the pro version.

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One thing that always impressed me about the AC podcast is the relaxed way everyone gets to talk and reply (without being interrupted every other word) which is a BIG problem on many technical podcasts.

You manage to have a relaxed, quietly organised "light touch" adult discussion. I can follow it without needing a video feed to understand it. I know its actually difficult to achieve that, unless you can see each other.

So I'm thanking you ALL for about five years of great informative and entertaining listening. Without any doubt Android Central produce the best Enlish language podcast in the Android world. Without you Android would be deminished and less fun.


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