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The best part about my job is that I get to find great apps to write about to show you guys, but in the process, y'all introduce me to some great apps too. Let's take Fieldrunners HD, for example. I swore up and down about that game's awesomeness, yet some people said, "Josh, you're an idiot misguided! Try GRave Defense HD!"

Well, I did. And I liked it. Comparing it to Fieldrunners HD, though, isn't quite fair.

As far as tower defense games go, GRave Defense HD is definitely one of the best. The graphics are pretty strong, performance is great, and there's lots to do. Between the gold and silver campaigns plus the survival mode, you'll be busting mutant zombie tail all day long.

Sure, the story might be cheesy (nuclear warfare that turns folks into mutant zombies?) and the menus might look a bit childish, but this game is still all solid. You've got a large range of guns that you'll learn to use over the course of the game, plus a big variety of zombies to gun down.

Guns can be upgraded a maximum of five times (with the cost increasing each time), at which point they become instruments of terrible, terrible power. The double-speed option is awesome for when you just need to burn through waves, too.

The big gameplay difference from games like Robo Defense or Fieldrunners HD is that all the zombies in GRave Defense are on a set path. In some levels, they might start from two different places, but the game always prompts you to what their path will be before they spawn. This makes it relatively easy to plan out where you'll build your towers/guns/cannons every single time. For the other games, they're free-roaming (field-running, even), and that's a different mechanic in and of itself.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with GRave Defense HD and I can totally see why so many of you went to bat for it. It's a really well done game with a lot going for it. Sure, it's ~$3, but for something this polished, I'd gladly shell that out.

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Android Game Review: GRave Defense HD


Definitely one of my fav HD games... If you like FieldRunners, you'll like this one better. Just pay attention to the directions, because you can upgrade your machinery... or have zombies blow up your stuff too. Fun Stuff!

I picked this up for free on the Amazon Appstore sale a few weeks ago and I love it. Definitely worth the cash. My one complaint is that the matches can go on for quite awhile, so there are times where it is less "pick up and play" and more "somewhat lengthy play session." Of course, you can always pause it and come back to it - just depends on what you're looking for in that particular moment.

That said, the mechanics are fun and the game works well on my HTC Inspire. Worth a look!

Yeah, I've been playing it for several weeks. I managed to get it for free on Amazon and it's probably the longest tower defense game that I've got on my phone. It's a great game, though you forgot to point out the occasional Engrish writing that makes up the summaries. Now if I could ONLY get past this last level on the main campaign!!!

The original version of this game was my first tower defense game on Android, and also the first game I paid for.

I like Fieldrunners for the excellent graphics, but IMO, in terms of depth and "total package" Robo defense and Grave Defense are the top two tower defense games on Android.

I've never tried that one, but it looks exactly like Hex defense. I'm not claiming one came before the other.

Hex defense is okay in my opinion. It is a little too hard though.

Really the best game out there is myth defense. It is a tough game but as you play you get various upgrades, better equipment, runes that can augment equipment. The maps are varied and offer lots of challenges. The enemy units upgrade as difficulty increases and they get smarter too.

This one is kinda an evolution from robo defense.

I thought that grave defense was good but I got stuck at some point. I think the vampires or something just couldn't get past that level after numerous tries.

Field runners was good graphically but in my opinion it was quite a bit like robo defense but with much more limited upgrades and just not as deep as any of these other defense games.

This game has impressed and perturbed me to the point of using Excel to save alternate tower placements. Then I created a site and called it GRave Defense HD User’s Manual. Yeah, it’s addictive. I get to a point where I can see a win or something that I should try a little differently. Then I try it again.