Android Central at GDC

A hidden gem at GDC 2013 was tucked away at the PlayStation booth called Rymdkapsel. This is a minimalistic strategy game with some Tetris-style base expansion mechanics. Players have to collect resources, research new technologies, and defend themselves against the occasional wave of attackers. 

Micromanaging is kept to a minimum, though it's clear that there's still plenty of complexity to the game. The demo was on the PlayStation Vita, but Rymdkapsel is due for PlayStation-certified devices this April, and hitting Google Play at large anout two months later. 

The thing I really like about Rumdkapsel is that it's designed for longer play sessions - upwards of 40 minutes, which is pretty bold in an era of bite-sized mobile gaming. That said, it looks very much like Rymdkapsel will be a test of endurance, where players are balancing the conflicting needs to expand and discover new resources while maintaining a defensible perimeter.