It's one of the most popular game consoles in the world, and comes with an Android app that will let you stream games straight to some phones. Sony's PlayStation 4 launched with an intense focus on being the console "for gamers" with very little focus on other things you could do with it. Games took the front seat, including the ability to stream games to Twitch from the console and even share your screen with others if you needed a hand defeating a puzzle from someone who wasn't in the same room as you.

A strong focus on being the game console for hardcore gamers and casual players alike lead to the release of multiple versions of the hardware. There's the PlayStation 4 Pro for those eager to experience 4K video and upscaled gaming, while the slimmer PlayStation 4 takes up less space on the shelf and consumes less power to deliver a quality gaming experience.

PlayStation 4 is also the first game console to introduce a VR component. PlayStation VR connects directly to any PS4 and offers an immersive gaming experience currently unmatched by any other game console. It's an expensive add-on, but an incredible way to get the full PlayStation 4 experience.