The PlayStation 4 Gold wireless headset now comes in White in addition to the standard color. It's available to order for $96.99 at Amazon right now and Sony has announced its availability in other countries too, such as the UK and Canada.

Of course, the regular version is still available at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other retailers. So if color doesn't matter to you, you can pick that version up — sometimes on a decent deal, too.

You might not think of a White headset as matching your current PlayStation setup, but we have been seeing a lot more color variety come out of Sony recently with special editions like the Amazing Red Spider-Man PS4 and the translucent dark blue console. A white headset just opens the door for even more color variety.

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These headsets have features you can only get when using them with a PlayStation 4 and the headset's companion app, including an audio mode that helps you experience the audio of the game the way the developers intended.

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