Google Pixel 4 XL in Clearly WhiteSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

A few days ago, we spotted some reports of Pixel 4 XL owners complaining about manufacturing issues with their phones. Specifically, it's been reported that certain Pixel 4 XL handsets have been plagued by swelling batteries and peeling of the glass back — two things you definitely don't want to see on your flagship smartphone.

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It currently remains unclear just how widespread these issues are, and in response to all of this, a few of our AC forum members shared that they haven't encountered anything along these lines.


0 pealing and no swollen battery here.


Not an issue for me.


Yeah, I’m not having the problem but was just wondering if any others were. It seemed somewhat widespread, also reported on Android Authority. Glad all is well here. Hoping it doesn’t turn into some type of battery gate issue for Google or P4 owners. :)


Nothing yet on mine , did see this article the other day .


Now, we want to hear from you — Have you had any battery issues with your Pixel 4?

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