Angry Birds Epic intros player-versus-player duels

Turn-based fantasy strategy game Angry Birds Epic has a new player-versus-player system, complete with different leagues and leaderboards. Players gather in the arena on Terence's ship and have to defend their banner while attacking those of their opponent. Participating in league play unlocks new gear for your banner, which provide unique bonuses to the owning team.

Along with the new PvP gameplay, Angry Birds Epic is kicking off their holiday even starting December 21, which will run for a week. If you're new and looking for ways to get started, read our handy Angry Birds Epic guide. Here's a blow-by-blow from the changelog.

  • Player vs. Player Arena! Battle other teams and defeat their banners!
  • Customize your team banner with powerful parts!
  • Win in the weekly leagues for epic rewards!
  • Climb the ladder in the Arena Leagues – can you make it to the Diamond tier?
  • Plus, look out for an upcoming special holiday event!
Simon Sage
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