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Sony offering free PlayStation Mobile games for the next 6 weeks

Sony is hoping to entice more users to take advantage of its PlayStation Mobile platform today by offering 6 weeks of free games from its PlayStation Store. Every 7 days for the next 6 weeks Sony will make one game from its PlayStation Store available for download free of charge, hoping that once...
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Sony launches PlayStation Mobile Developer Program

After a few months in beta, Sony's PlayStation Mobile Developer Program is today ready for prime-time. The program allows game developers to build titles for PlayStation-certified Android phones and tablets -- such as the Xperia T and HTC One X+ -- as well as the company's PS Vita device, for an...
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PlayStation Mobile game store starts trickling out to select Android devices

Today's the day that PlayStation Mobile launches, and not just on Sony's own Xperia devices. Keep in mind that the list of non-Sony phones compatible with PlayStation Mobile is still pretty short. Even if you have a compatible device, you'll need to live in Japan, United States, Canada, United...

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Sony launches new PlayStation App in the Play Store for eager PS4 users

Push games to your console, chat with friends and keep up with stats on the go It's that time of year (decade, really) where folks can get their hands on next-generation consoles, and to match up with its PS4 launch Sony has just put a new PlayStation App in Google Play. For those who want to...
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Don't forget to claim a year of PlayStation Plus with your new Sony Xperia Z1s

Offer applies to phones bought from both Sony and T-Mobile During the official announcement of the Sony Xperia Z1s at CES, we were told about the pretty fantastic content offering that Sony was throwing in with the handset. What they didn't mention at the time was a special offer involving...

Sony's PS4 companion app for Android gets live video feed support

Live with PlayStation now available in app, kind of Sony has pushed out an update to its official PlayStation 4 companion app for Android, with the headline new feature being the inclusion of "Live with PlayStation" video feeds in the app. Well, sort of in the app. You can browse the gaming...

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After we got a nice, clear video of the not-yet-announced Sony Playstation Phone, another video pops up, briefly showing the Playstation app.

By brief, we mean it; the clip is just 15 seconds long. It shows what appears to be the dedicated Playstation app from Sony. In the Library section of the app, it looks to have three tabs: All, Recently used and Recently Added as well as a search option. 

What we're all waiting for is to see some content in the app to see how the gameplay is, but until then this will have to suffice. Enjoy the video after the break. [YouTube]

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The last time we got a sneak peak at the Playstation phone, it came courtesy of good ol' Mr. Blurry cam. That of course left some folks out there still questioning it's existence and still feeling a little skeptical about the whole thing. Alas, another video has now popped up showing off the device rather vividly. All hail Zeus for this one, it's nice.

Not much has changed in that time; the device is still rather thick and still appears to be running Gingerbread. But, if you look carefully you can now see the Playstation icon on the device itself which, for most should leave you with no doubt about it's ability to run Playstation games. When will we see it? Not sure really but CES is upon us. [Engadget]

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Remember when it broke that Sony might be working on a Playstation-branded Android 3.0 gaming phone? Well, it seems now that Sony is actively seeking game developers with Android experience, as seen from the job posting screen shot above. This could mean nothing, but my money is that Sony is looking to bolster it's internal game development teams with some Android mojo to ensure they have some launch titles for that Android 3.0 PSPhone. But, we will all just have to wait and see when (or if) this whole thing becomes official. [Sony via DroidGamers]

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Being a former N64 fanboy, this may not excite me as much as some PS1 die-hards out there, but the PlayStation has just been added to Android's already-impressive list of game console emulators. The app that makes this all possible is called "psx4droid" and will run you $5.99. 

Here is a quick rundown of the app's features:

  • WiiMote support
  • Multiple save states
  • Support for several different file types
  • Trackball used as d-pad

This is still version 1.0 software, so there seems to be a couple bugs that users on AppBrain have mentioned. However, no doubt the developer will be releasing patches to address those issues. Still, this app looks to be the easiest way to play those PS1 classics on the go. Just remember it is illegal to download a ROM for a game you don't already own, ok?

For now, it seems this app might require Android 2.x, but if someone gets it working on 1.5 or 1.6 let us know! As always, links and a QR code are after the break. Thanks to James for the tip! 

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