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One of the top Twitter clients on Android, Plume (formerly Touiteur), has received a notable update in the Google Play Store today. The UI has been streamlined and now follows a similar metaphor to that of the latest Google+ app, which has a hidden side panel with less-used functions such as search, favorites and trending topics. This is a good addition, as a vast majority of users will be happy with just seeing their timeline, mentions and direct messages on the main screen. It gives Plume a bit more of a minimalist look that a lot of people are looking for in a Twitter client right now. The latest update also changes the UI to "better support 7-inch tablets" -- which we're going to go ahead and translate to "updated for Nexus 7". 

Plume has also added two pieces of functionality in the way of automatic draft save/restore and Facebook picture uploading. Drafts are important if you accidentally hit the back button after straining over a perfectly crafted 140 character tweet, and the ability to upload photos to Facebook can help cut the friction when putting up posts, saving you that extra step of opening a different app for each network (we all know how painful the Facebook app can be).

If you haven't tried out Plume for Twitter before, it's been worth a look for a long time now and this update just makes it even better. You can grab it for free at the Google Play Store link above, then remove the ads for $4.99 if you're so inclined to do so. A couple screenshots of the updated phone UI can be found after the break.

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Plume for Twitter updated with UI improvements and Facebook picture sharing


A well established popular app like Plume isn't going anywhere. These Twitter API restrictions aren't going to be as detrimental to apps as some think they are.

4.99 eh? I paid a little less a few years ago, but it was worth it.

I wish it'd take the UI changes a step further and change the way it does colors of tweets by people. I liked them at first but after seeing the beautiful way Twicca manages colors by people you flag, I'd like the same look for Plume. It'd make it look even better.

You're in luck!

Plume has the ability to color a user's tweets to any color you like. Also, if you are trying to color all tweets of various types by color there is a handy copy/paste ability in the color chooser. If you burrow into the individual tweet's menu options, you'll find what you seek. It's been in there for several versions.

The updates are pretty nifty. Runs like a dream, too.

Personally trying to get used to the official Twitter client. Sounds like I'm giving in, and that's pretty much the gist of it. If most 3rd party Twitter clients are going to be struggling after the changes Twitter is making, then I'd like it to not affect me as much. It sucks, though.

Plume has been my favorite twitter app for a long time now. I've tried a lot of others but always end up going back to Plume. Going "premium" was the best move for me. I'm glad they added FB picture uploads.