Being a former N64 fanboy, this may not excite me as much as some PS1 die-hards out there, but the PlayStation has just been added to Android's already-impressive list of game console emulators. The app that makes this all possible is called "psx4droid" and will run you $5.99. 

Here is a quick rundown of the app's features:

  • WiiMote support
  • Multiple save states
  • Support for several different file types
  • Trackball used as d-pad

This is still version 1.0 software, so there seems to be a couple bugs that users on AppBrain have mentioned. However, no doubt the developer will be releasing patches to address those issues. Still, this app looks to be the easiest way to play those PS1 classics on the go. Just remember it is illegal to download a ROM for a game you don't already own, ok?

For now, it seems this app might require Android 2.x, but if someone gets it working on 1.5 or 1.6 let us know! As always, links and a QR code are after the break. Thanks to James for the tip! 

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PlayStation emulator released onto Android Market


Been waiting for this since it was announced! Even though I'd like N64 too.

I've been using the GBA Emulator.
Definitely using my wiimote for this!


Edit: So gonna get Spyro.

I might have this downloaded, installed, and answered before anyone replies but: Can you use the physical keyboard for controls?

Game over... Android wins gaming.

Give me Final Fantasy 7 and Breath of Fire games and I will be gaming for a longggggggg time.

Even if I wanted to own the game, is there any way for me to even buy one? I mean it's not like they are for sale brand new or anything. The music bands that cover nintendo music have TRIED to contact the game developers to pay royalties. To me it's not stealing if I download something that's not for sale, and I would gladly pay for.

In the case where it is impossible to buy something copyrighted, then obtaining a copy without paying for it (or offering a copy) is still illegal (as strange as that might seem). But it is not immoral, because one is not depriving anyone of earnings.

Why might this occur? Most of the time, it is just because the copyrighted work is obsolete and not worth selling anymore. But a copyright owner can, for example, decide they don't want to make it available for other reasons. Perhaps they want it to gather steam for a later release or remix, or plan to release a better version and don't want the old work competing with it.

already have all the ps1 games i want on my psp modded of course. ill check this out to see how it runs. ill try the games i bought from the ps store

Turn the sound off and play with the screen refresh rate, also make sure you've killed all tasks and overclocked the hell out of your hero (full power for both max and min with performance mode selected). This application is meant for higher power devices :-\

hellz yeah! FF7 ftw and running almost flawlessly on my N1! now if we could also have an N64 emulator (Zelda OoT)...

Man I purchased it but am stuck at authorizing purchase :(

Anyone know a work around for this? I've purchased plenty of other apps but this one just won't go through. What can I do to fix this?

Same here, I've tried restarting my phone, canceling and re-downloading, but it just stays at "Authorizing Purchase"

me too. I'm running cyanogen mod rc2 on my droid with a market fix applied. I tried buying something else and it worked no problem.

I was stuck on this screen the first time I ever bought an app.
Clears out within a day or two... kind of annoying though.

Mine's stuck too. Purchased it an hour and a half ago on my N1 and it's still "Authorizing". This is bullshit. I tried installing a free app and no problems whatsoever. I tried canceling it and running it again, nothing. Tried on both wifi and 3G, nothing. I've heard that restarting the phone doesn't help either. If Google (and it IS Google's fault, not Zodttd's) doesn't fix this soon I'm gonna have to refund it.

It seems to be a BIG issue at the moment. Zodttd's apparently getting 60 emails an hour about it according to his Twitter:

This is amazing. I loved my modded PSP, but always wished it was a phone as well so I'd have everything I needed in one device. This, along with Gameboid, fulfills that dream. C'mooooooooon upgrade date.

Anyone know what roms were suppose to download i got the bin file already...i got a psx rom from doperoms but when i try to play it says file not supported any ideas?

I was so frustrated with this last night. I took it off and refunded but I will redownload it if you are willing to help me out. Once I download that file on to my computer do I just mount my phone and move it over? Sorry, still a little new to all this, just dumped my iphone and got the captivate. Wanting to get game that are worthy of it.

Go to romulation . net and download a rom. Unzip it if its a rar zip or 7z file and make sure the rom you're using is one of the file formats that is supported (check the application description on the Market). Plug your phone into your computer and mount your sd card. Make a folder called ROMs (call it whatever you want) on your sd card and drag the ROM you downloaded from romulation into that folder. When you start up psx4droid it will ask you to pick a rom, just navigate to that folder and select it.

If you need to scph1001.bin bios file go to to download it. (download the scph1001 file, you will need to unzip the downloaded file to pull out the scph1001.bin file that you actually need)

Thank You so much, but one last question. When I download the BIN file do I need to make another folder for it as well? Or do I just stick on my phone and then choose it through the app? BTW will update on success when I try it tonight. On base working but managing to post ya back....hehe

Oh and this is in no way for work reasons...err

careful when downloading pirated software like the stuff the guy above mentions (the BIOS file and the game are both copyrighted), you can get viruses on your PC by just looking at the wrong site nowadays

Put the bios file and ROMs where ever you want on your memory card, when you open the application it will ask you to navigate to those files with in the app, if for any reasons it does not ask you to navigate just click the menu button and go to settings. The first setting is where you tell the app where the bios file is, then once you have all your settings the way you want them just press back and the application will tell you to navigate to a rom.

I've been using both romulation . net and that bios file for a long time and have never experienced any problems or viruses.

i just tried driver it runs perfect eboot EVO running Froyo 2.2 nightly build overclocked, I run the emu at 40fps

In the context of an emulator, a rom is a game that you can load onto the emulator.
The emulator being Playstation in this case... and a rom being a game like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

You also need a bios file (generally) to get it working. Look a couple posts above to check that out.

Be sure to mess with the screen refresh rate. I'm using the Evo with CM6 and everything seems to run best with screen refresh rate set to 30 even though I get 53fps with fps2d.

Ok I've installed refunded and tried again. I'm stuck on the authorizing payment screen won't download. Any ideas ?dx

i tried buying but was stuck on the autho screen so refunded and found the app online and works great with ff8 and chrono trigger n cross (hope the saves work with multi disc)... will buy on tuesday when i get paid cause it is very cool but how do i increase my fps on the evo?.. awesome app

I'm confused. How can you use a wiimote? You actually use the wiimote to control the games? If so that would be awesome, especially with TVout.

Not sure how one would connect a wiimote to the phone seeing as how its not bluetooth, but idk I guess it works somehow.

Also if he made this for a NES and SNES emulator on Android that would be awesome. I'm not much of a PS1 fan, but old school NES from my phone on my friends TV with wiimote would be sick.

Download the application called "WiimoteController" from the market, it will tell you how to set everything up. Then inside psx4droid settings make sure you have "Use input method" checked. Then in psx4droid go to "Key mappings" click on each button setting and click the button you want to map it as on the Wiimote!

Has anyone tried the video out feature on the EVO with this app? Being able to use your Evo as a PS1 emulator is just out of this world crazy. I'm picking this up asap if anyone can confirm this for me ahead of time.

Won't work until hackers figure out how to HDMI out everything on the screen. It's not the application's fault, its HTCs.

It works great on the Incredible. Just download it and try it for 24 hours once the "Stuck at Authorization" thing is fixed.

Situation stated from the developer from an auto-reply message.

"It seems all orders coming in for psx4droid are on hold by Google at the moment. Not sure why and I just got in contact with a Google rep. I will be updating my Twitter as more information comes in.
Rest assured you haven't been charged for psx4droid yet and there is a 24 hour return policy with Android Marketplace.

If you would like to purchase psx4droid immediately without waiting for Android Marketplace to be fixed, consider using the SlideME store here:"

Can you hook a 6-axis ps3 controller up to an android phone? That would be sweet and more uh realistic for a psx emulator. Plus I have more ps3 controllers than wiimotes lying around.

just buy from the market install it or find it on the net use something like Astro to install its real easy.
games work great with the wii mote with a classic controller hooked up to it this thing was made for the evo kickstand. ridge racer 4 and driver play great

I've read somewhere that the sound is really buggy on most games and that you cannot press 2 buttons at the same time, is this still valid?
If it's fixed I def want to buy it, need to play resident evil 1

I can't get the BIOS file (scph1001.bin) to download to my phone (DroidX) no matter what mirror, site, etc, I try to use. I've looked through my entire menu on the FPse app and I don't already have the BIOS I have to download it...but it keeps telling me that it failed, that it's not supported on my phone. please advise!