IFA 2014 Sony has announced a peripheral so you can mount the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, or Z3 Compact Tablet to one of the PlayStation 4's controllers, making for easy around-the-house remote play. At IFA, Sony demoed one of their AAA titles, Driveclub, running remotely on a PlayStation 4 and streaming gameplay over Wi-Fi to the Z3. A handy suction cup mount will let you use your PS4's controller and still have clear view of your smartphone

Remote play on the Sony PlayStation 4 is still a work in progress, but we're looking forward to giving this a shot when it's live. Any PlayStation 4 owners around that would like to be able to play their games somewhere in the house other than dab smack in front of the TV?


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Mount accessory will attach Xperia Z3 to PlayStation controller for remote play


This is a very smart move. Even smarter if you can use the controller for games

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That's brilliant since phones don't have to rely on WiFi. Don't quite understand if this is full PlayStation now or just ps4 streaming. Would be cool if they used it for normal app games too but I doubt they'd do that.

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Guess my next phone is a Sony phone. Love my M8 though, but a controller is so much better than my Vita for remote play

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I am in the same boat. I have an m8 and love it, have a vita and kind of love it, but would much rather have this setup

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Haven't actually used a vita for remote play. What's the problem with it? Is it the lack of a physical L2 R2 and L3 R3?

I thought the back touch area was supposed to emulate that. I really hope that Sony will bring PlayStation now to the current xperia phone and tablets as well as the new ones. Sony needs to use the PlayStation brand and games it will help sales

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That's one of the problems, another would be the lackluster screen and mediocre (by today's standards) hardware. The joysticks aren't the greatest, it's not very ergonomic, battery life is pretty short. Just a bunch of little stuff like that.

Remote play works well enough but the vita is definitely the weak point.

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Just to let everyone know who doesn't, remote play is ps4 streaming from your own ps4. PlayStation now is completely different. Remote play lets you play full ps4 games on your vita (and now the z3 line) through WiFi. Every single ps4 game will either have remote play capability, or PlayStation camera functionality.

PlayStation Now uses cloud gaming and you actually "rent" a physical console (I think it might only be ps3's right now, could be wrong though). Sony has a ton of ps3's sitting on racks in a building somewhere and you are actually streaming from a single machine. It's actually pretty incredible what they are attempting here.

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