Konami code FTW

In a bit of awesome news, the android.view.KeyEvent class (that's geek speak for keyboard controls in the code) in Android 2.3 has been updated to include support for what looks like Playstation phone controls.  Included are new fields for buttons named A,B,C, L1, L2, R1, R2, select, start, X, Y, and Z.  All I can say, is Konami Code lockscreen password FTW. [Android Developers] Thanks, Nick!


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Gingerbread keyboard code includes Playstation buttons


But isnt Playstation triangle, square, cross and circle?

But I will be truely happy if Playstation is a platform for Android as a whole rather than exclusive to SE phones (Knowing Sony, it's highly unlikely)

yeah, that was my first thought when I saw this in the Android documentation. However, they could be mapped to anything (similar to the way the PS3/PSP titles let you custom map controls). What made it newsworthy to me was L1, L2, R1, R2, select, start, and I think there is also left thumb and right thumb inputs (made me think maybe similar ot L3, R3)

Of note, the Logitech Revue keyboard, the numbers 5 thru 8 have symbols around the letters that are FN control;
These are the symbols that match upon my cable remote, but seem that they could easily double for the symbols on a playstation as well.

awesome, they should have an optional touch screen layout for the playstation controls so people can still play if they dont have a psp phone.

those of you who are crying about no sd slot, look up google cloud picker. its googles sky drive essentially, i think that may be why

Glad you used my tip! I thought it was pretty cool.
I quickly went through all of the changed classes and that was the only one, besides the announced features, that seemed to stand out!