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Facebook today announced that it's opening up Facebook Messenger to folks who don't actually use Facebook. Going forward, all you'll need to use the Messenger app is a name and phone number, and you'll be able to hit up your mobile contacts. The obvious play is to get non-Facebook users to stick a toe into the water -- and not into the pools of cross-platform competitors such as Whatsapp. Whether the Facebook name remains too much of a deterrent, we'll just have to see.

Facebook says an update to the Android client should be rolling out today (it's not live as of this writing).

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Facebook Messenger nixing requirement that you actually use Facebook


Interesting. I wonder if this lends any further weight to the rumor Facebook was looking at possibly acquiring WhatsApp messaging? It would seem to make sense if they are diverging their messaging capabilities from the actual FB app. Maybe an overhaul is coming?

Facebook purchased Beluga in March 2011 that was also a cross platform messaging service (PC, iPhone, Android). Anyone that used Beluga before would notice Beluga's name was dropped and Messenger was replaced as the features are identical. No need to purchase Whatsapp as far as I can tell. Facebook already has the infrastructure to support a cross platform messaging service already. I wouldn't be surprised if Messenger already supports more users than Whatsapp.

FB i don't want you sniffing all my messages so a big no to ur app. I'm very much happy with Hike http://get.hike.in/ a whatsapp alternative. I do see people from many countries don't find it in play store the reason is its under scheduled global roll out. But i can bet its the best & secured alternative to whatsapp

GTFO facebook. You're finished.

In before this app gets an update that creates a profile page for you without asking (as a template), letting you preview it in cutesy, harmless form (not showing everything that would deter you) then prompting you to approve it's creation. The boom they've got people.