Facebook update

Android's Facebook app just got an update for what the social network's calling "a whole slew of fixes." It's not saying what was fixed, but any bugfix update is a good one, we reckon. Download links are after the break.


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Facebook app gets some bugfixes


Various bug fixes. That'd acceptable now. I would enjoy if they would tell us what exactly they are doing to do it. Exactly why I don't have it installed.

ha, i know what you mean.. i had alot of feeds today and scrolled down then all of sudden i shot back all the way up and had to scroll down all the way down all over again. I finally gave up and went to the computer.

same here, i was hoping today's update would correct the issue where after opening any news feed item , that it goes returns back to the very top each time (also if looking at one's profile page), as others have pointed out - very annoying

I wonder if this addresses the live feed jumping to the top on every refresh. THAT is incredibly annoying. I'll scroll down my feed, view an update, hit "back" and while I'm continuing down, I randomly get shot back up to the top of my feed. SUPER annoying bug!

Edit: Haha NOPE! Not fixed! zzz

I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem. Anytime you read someones comments it jumps back up to the top because of the refresh!!! It drives me nuts.

I ran into that same issue where you couldn't post on a friends wall also. I also have that irritating bug where you back out from a post and boots you to top of your feed.

rem, notifications DO work... you just have to do a little 'magic'... For some, the notifications work right away...if it doesn't for you, then ask someone with a blackberry (and Facebook for Blackberry installed, of course) to lend you their device... log onto your account in the Blackberry, log out... there, you magically have notifications in Android.

I did this when the "fix" was first discovered & published here.


I can vouch that it works. I have been getting instant push notifications ever since. You may need to sign out of the Android app & clearing the app data after logging into the Blackberry app, but once you log back in & turn on notifications...you should be good to go.

But now why Facebook doesn't just correct it in a bug fix update so people don't have to add permissions to "Facebook for Blackberry" to their account just to get notifications to work in the Android app is a good question.

When will they get it right. Hate to say but BB version was so much better and this was over a year ago.

This update is garbage. Im done with the facebook app all together. ill stick with the pre installed social hub on my Samsung.

After the bad experiences with the facebook app in my old MILESTONE , i've decided to ditch the app
now im using the MOTOBLUR services instead for both Facebook & Twitter

I gotta say the MOTOBLUR services is pretty damn useful

anyways i had the same issue with the up scrolling ALL day.
so irritating.

anyways i just used the m.facebook.com site instead.

otherwise i just updated and we will see what happens.
i hate not being able to like certain things.

Two Words: TweetDeck FREE

I have been using TweetDeck, which I initially installed for Twitter, but it allows Facebook as well.

I switched to friendcaster but man it's chewing battery. Maybe 4x as much as the Facebook app. Maybe because it allows me to check for notifications more frequently. And push notifications are on the way a real must have. I've had the Facebook app for a long time and it's never held a candle to the apple version, annoying.

I used FriendCaster before I got the push notifications fixed in the Android app. FriendCaster does hit the battery harder because it is polling for notifications up to every minute if you have it set for that.

If you want to fix the notifications in the Android app, do this:

It works. After adding the permissions for "Facebook for Blackberry" by just logging into their app, log out of the Android app & clear the app data in the settings screen. When you log back in & enable notifications, you will be good to go.

I'm a huge fan of FriendCaster Pro myself... and now that they've enabled C2DM (for some users) I can say that, sadly, it's just not working as it should... I did the Blackberry fix so I get push notifications from my official Facebook app just fine... That's how I can tell when a 'push' notification from FriendCaster is just not arriving at all, or taking 2 minutes, or taking 33 minutes to get to me...

I've contacted the developers and said they'll look into it but that some of the fault lies in Facebook's graph API (they rely on Facebook publishing the notification to the API and then they get it on FriendCaster). 2 minutes later? I can handle... 33 minutes? Not so much... Not getting to me AT ALL?!! Unacceptable...

Sad, since FriendCaster does have a much better UI and feature set... But instant notifications still make the official app a better choice...

They need to totally scrap this app and start over from scratch. I am using v1.5. No real issues... Its time for v2.0. No more 1.??? updates.