Fly Delta app

Delta Air Lines today announced version 2.1 of its official Fly Delta Android application, adding new features directly related to getting your butt in the seat and the plane on its way.

Most important is that you'll now be able to purchase Preferred Seats (ie aisle and window seats, as well as exit rows) within 24 hours of departure. You'll also be able to book international flights directly from the app.

For the iOS folks, Delta has added Facebook integration that will let you document your travel and create a "virtual passport" through the Facebook Collections feature. You'll also be able to share when you've planned a trip, when you check in, and when you arrive. That's not listed in the Android changelog, though, and we're not seeing any options for it.

Some of that duplicates basic functionality of apps like Tripit, but we'll have to see how Delta's worked things out. 

And here's to hoping for some more speed improvements. 

Get your download on at the link above.

Source: Delta; More: Traveling with Android apps


Reader comments

Delta updates its Android app with better international, seating features


App is pretty good - certainly a lot better than the one by Southwest. Unfortunately, the video ads on the plane during takeoff (and I mean on the plane, NOT in the app) turned me off of Delta.

Google needs to make Google Wallet more like Apple Passbook and let apps for things like airlines, movie tickets, etc. reside in Google Wallet.

That's all well and good, but did they update the issue with your boarding pass being deleted if your flight is delayed or changed?

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