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Facebook app also updated to prep for Facebook Home's launch today

Facebook this morning has rolled out an update to its Facebook Messenger app -- and "chat heads" are now live! These are the little persistent notifications that you get when someone messages you. Tap it to open and reply. You can move it around on the screen, but it'll remain docked to an edge. To get rid of it, just press, hold and toss to the bottom of the screen.

If you use Facebook Messenger but hate chat heads, there's an option in the settings to turn them off when you're using other apps, so they won't just float on your screen.

The Facebook application itself also has gotten an update this morning, in preparation for Facebook Home. (Some bugs were also squashed, according to the new changelog.)

We're expecting Facebook Home (the launcher) to go live anytime now.


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Chat heads go live on Facebook Messenger as we await Facebook Home


Well they updated the Facebook app (3.1) and in the setting you have a toggle in there now that says enable facebook home, you click on it and it sends you to the playstore but says item not found..they are getting there.

no the messaging app has had the sms option for a while now. I was using it before as my main messaging app. The chat heads work fine on my S3.

Right the new Facebook Home only working on 4 devices at this moment.
HTC First
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Yes for Facebook Home, no for FB messenger app.
The chat head supposed to be working on all phone.

Even more strangely, my Nexus 4 have the SMS/MMS setting in Messnger app, but my HTC One X+, one of the few devices that can use Facebook Home for now, do not have the option to enable SMS/MMS. Without that, Facebook home is almost useless

do I have to do something different than just updating the app? I have a Galaxy S3 and when I updated the Messenger app, nothing changed.. Although "Cheat Heads" are enabled on Notifications Setting, it doesn't seem to work... What could possibly be wrong?

Loving the chat heads bit... even went ahead and made it my default SMS client so I can enjoy it even more.

If someone could figure out how to make FB messenger default text messenger on the Moto Razr well that would just be awesome!

Chat heads is definitely cool. Wondering how long before Google implements something similar?

I have a sprint gnex and it does NOT work. I have updated and checked settings... how did you add a new chat head? did you have to wait for a message to come in?

Holy shit, the chat heads are hysterical! I just told someone that they look like an app.

Only frustration I have with FB messenger is it didn't pull over all my contact pics. Even some that are linked to fb. Anyone have a fix or similar issue?

yeah I'm getting that too, I reported it as a bug which is now an option in the Facebook app

I had to clear the messenger app data to get it to work, but it works fine now (Or at least as well as the Facebook messenger app has ever worked.)

Working fine on my Nexus 4 in UK, try to kill app, clear cache or even reboot your device... Messenger is obviously updated??

OK... Chathead is pretty bad ass... Its got me excited to check out Home now... I've been waiting on it since 6am. Let's go FB... GET ON BALL!

If you long press on one of your conversations you should see a list of options. Choose the 'pop out chat head' option. :)

Hmm... LG Optimus G and I don't have Chat Heads settings or SMS/MMS Enabled settings on my phone unless I'm completely missing it.... Weird..

If I had that I would enable it.. But I do not.. My settings section has Notifications, Location Services, About, Privacy and Switch Accounts.. That's it.

Had to uninstall & reinstall Messanger to trigger the Chat Heads feature, my Facebook App doesn't have the Facebook Home button.

Ok I Have a genx and have to say I love chat heads! So much better then anything I imagined lol

Chat heads are working ok. Could not send MMS. Sprint EVO 4g LTE.
I'm wondering if i can get the new facebook home...this phone is basically a HTC ONE X.

Well, it works -sort of on my Infuse. The chat heads will show up but sometimes I have to pull notificatio shade down and back up to see them. Then switch to a different screen they disappear again. Trying to reposition them makes them disappear too.

Glad I am getting a new phone soon.

@orlans you get your friends facebook profile pic as a chat head with the message in a bubble next to it. If your friend sends you an sms you get their contact pic from your contacts app (if one is not set I'm not sure what you get as I got my wife to sms me to check out chat heads and I've got a separate picture set for contacts).

It's basically like the sms popup apps that's on the play store, but less obtrusive as it doesn't fill the screen, so you can finish reading something on a web page or commenting on a forum/blog/Google+ or facebook status etc and just move it out of the way.

@bkosh84 It's in Settings > Notifications & then the bottom option. I had to uninstall & reinstall to get messanger to update though as it wasn't showing as an update in the Play Store only as Installed.

Not there.. Under that I have Notifications, Sound, Ringtone, Vibrate and Light.. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app.. I wonder if it's because Facebook was preinstalled when I updated the phone to Jelly Bean last week.. hmm...

Facebook app :
- New icon.
- News flow missing entries seems fixed, for now.
- Seems faster too.
- Small UI updates on messenger drawer.
- Report Bug in menu (3 dots menu). Might be old, for how this has been there? I should have abused that long time ago!

But images are still oversized :-(

Neat, and I wish whatsapp would adopt this feature. With Facebook messenger, this will be a battery drain considering it being a widget and also connected to online chat.

@Thb91a I hope they let us users In the UK have Facebook home when its launched now they have teased us with the 3.1 update to the Facebook app and the 2.4.2 Messanger with chat heads.

@ShahinTr Chat Heads isn't a widget, think of it more like the Popup feature in Go SMS so it won't be such a battery drain & it'll work offline for SMS.

I left a chat head open this morning and my battery went from 100% to 15% within three hours, the data was even turned off. Under normal use of three hours, it would be above 80%. Make sure you close those little suckers. Nexus 4.

I had my girldfriend send me a message throught facebook messenger after the update. Guess what, 2 minutes and counting, still no popups.

I'll keep you guys posted. So far, looks like another broken FB product.

Only thing I notice is the Chat heads don't appear on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 "lock screen", which is just a swipe lock. But other than that it works for me...

So here it is.

Wifi : Huge delay
3g/4G/LTE/etc. : Quick as hell

Chat heads are cool. Not as intrusive as I would think. Popup is quick, chat history is already there, with pictures and all. Killing the bubble is easy too.

Fun-fact : It stays over Facebook itself!
Well made : It disappears when opening messenger and reappears when closing messenger.
What could be improved : Once we've read the message, if we don't want to reply, make it go away instead of having us to drag it down to the "dump area".

I am normally really unhappy about any FB products. So far, both updates are the best I have ever seen from them, even fixing some old time bugs!

I'll change my review of the app for sure!

Tested on my Nexus 4, liking the chatheads and the fact that Facebook messenger uses the iphone-style emoji that I was used to for so long. I think I may stick with it as my SMS app

Not working on my Nexus 4. Downloaded the app update, uninstalled, reinstalled, and still no toggle under Notifications for chat heads.

I thought the same thing at first but if they want to know that I am picking up milk on my way home so be it. No top secret messages on my device.

Amen to that my good friend. Cannot be worse than frikkin' Google already knowing everything throught maps, gmail, sms, now, searches, shopper, glass (upcomming), watch (upcomming), Ingress, etc.

Get the point? lawls!

wait so chat heads only work for facebook contacts. not your contacts on your phone if you were to recieve a text message

@DWR_31 Facebook doesn't have access to your SMS's, it just pulls them from your devices built in SMS app (probably with the exception of the HTC first, unlsee HTC have built their SMS app into it)

Ok question....is it just me or is anyone else seeing this? I use Nova Launcher. The ChatHead does not show over the actual launcher (home screens). When I am in an app, or using the default launcher, I see the ChatHeads fine.

Nevermind, I figured it out. FYI for those using other lauchers....you can't have the notification bar set to hidden.

SMs is working fine on my Note II, however chatheads are not showing up at all. No option to turn them on in the settings. I'm wondering if this is because I am rooted. Running stock rom though.

I thing is only working in some countries, because of the build number, mine is 178229 and I can't get it to work is there some one with this build number?

Co-worker's verizon s3 version 2.4.2, build 178229 is working great. My sprint s3 version 2.4.2, build 178229 is not working. No Chat Heads check box.

Updated both Facebook and Messenger on my Verizon Nexus, SGIII and Nexus 10, chat heads not working on any device for me. Updated apps on my wife's Verizon Nexus, works fine. What gives?

Returned my Verizon Note II to bone stock and still no chatheads. I think there are some bugs to be worked out.

do you have any other messaging apps installed?

some messaging apps are more aggressive and block all others from working when they are installed.

Just activated Chatheads on my Galaxy Note II, the Facebook update was actually live yesterday (no home yet) but I was a bit reluctant to install after trying the beta the other day. I'm more than happy with the default set-up of my G-Note II I'd rather home be a lockscreen option than a whole front end replacement. Maybe just cos I use other apps and social networks etc...

To all people who can't make it work:

Can you please switch to another account (or a friend or family member) and check again if it works? Chat heads doesn't work for me but when I switch to my sister's account it works fine. I would like to confirm that this is an account issue.

Yup, you got it. Created an account and the chat heads option appeared. Switched back to my account and it disappeared again. What gives?

I get chat heads to work for Facebook messages, but not with sms.anyone else? Galaxy s3. Also have hand cent installed bit disabled pop ups.

Using a Galaxy S3 chatheads seems to work fine however even though I have my wifes facebook account linked to her phone contact info it does not merge messages from sms and Facebook Messaging and they are treated as two independent message strings with her respective profile pics. Is that right?

Using a Galaxy S3 chatheads seems to work fine however even though I have my wifes facebook account linked to her phone contact info it does not merge messages from sms and Facebook Messaging and they are treated as two independent message strings with her respective profile pics. Is that right?

In case you havnt got the answer yet, No you can update Messanger and get Chatheads even if Facebbok Home is not available in your country. It seems to work on any devise as well, not just the onces that FBHome can be used on

Why does noone mention that it does NOT merge facebook thread with sms tread ? now you have 2 threads with every single person !!

It does not allow you to send mms.. W T F ?

the actual chatheads are cool but it's lackng even basic functionality, gg facebook.

Hi, I have noticed this too and mentioned in in my comments. Seems a bit lame that you have 2 strings of messages for the same person. Not sure why this is, maybe both parties have to be using Messanger for their default messenging app for the same thread to be used all the time. Sucks a bit! Does anyone else have an explanation?

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Facebook messenger was useless before, it did basically the same thing as logging into FB. That being said, I love the Chat Head feature. This is an awesome experience.

If they worked I'm sure it would be a great feature, but alas, it seems like a lot of us are having problems. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times...still no option for chat heads...getting irritated.

Chat heads are awesome but they disappear after a while. I'd love them don't go away, i mean to stay on the screen until I close them. Is it possible?

Hey, Don't know if this is the correct place to ask this but since its re messenger thought I'd give it a go!

Does anyone know how to quickly pull all links that have been sent to and from in a Facebook message conversation?? I have too many messages to this particular contact, but want to gather the links for work purposes, however I can't do this quickly. Any suggestions? Thank you so much in advance