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While the cool kids are off doing their group huddles on Google+, Facebook keeps plugging away, and a new dedicated group messing app apparently is in the works. Hardly a surprise, given that Facebook bought Beluga earlier this year. And judging from Facbeook's placeholder page for the mobile messenger, it's pretty much the same thing. Simple, easy to use group messaging.

So let's see. One app for IM. One app for Facebook. Another for Google+ huddles. Text messages. E-mail. That about cover it? 

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Source: Facebook, Facebook blog; Thanks, Milad!


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Android gets a dedicated Facebook messenger


I use IMO which connects to facebook, Google chat, my space, yahoo, and all, the Skype, and msn, etc. Nice program. I would use it over a facebook only app

imo stopped connecting to Facebook months ago. Some common bug... the comments for the app are full of people complaining. I even emailed them directly several times about it with no response... so I decided to ditch imo for Trillian. I sort of like imo better interface-wise, but Trillian works (and gets updates) until the imo team decides to fix their app (which it seems they've abandoned).

So true, the only reason I'm keeping this app is because I already uninstalled the Official Facebook App and I can move this to my SD Card!

What's the bet that it only works on Gingerbread, so Xperia X10 users like my, stuck with good old out of date Android 2.1 cant get it?!?

And what's wrong with integrating it into the already existing app? I don't want to clutter my phone with extra apps!

Because the main app is a slow, cumbersome, bloated lagging beast from hell? That constantly disconnects from IM?

I won't be using this either, though. I already use a multi-client IM app that connects (and STAYS connected) to FB and everything else.

Considering the facebook app previously hasn't done well for chat or messaging... what makes this different?

I agree with previous posters. Do not want / I don't want another app on my phone

More Facebook? God help us all. I'm just getting round to Google + and liking it so far but sooner or later, we'll all start drowning in a bunch of pointless news feeds....

This is the exact UI the original Facebook app should have , I wish the Facebook app was as polished and smooth as
this messenger app!!!

Why do we need a separate app to do what the Facebook app already does??? This app is pointless, IMO.

Good. Now how about making the official Facebook app suck less for Android? And if you're feeling really ambitious, selective posting (to certain groups) would be nice too.

after having used it once i can safely say that it's got enough features to stand alone as a separate app.

and in terms of functionality, FBM is way closer to BBM than Huddle is. all my friends who're using huddle that have never used BBM before are like "wow this is the greatest thing ever! its like BBM but better because its google!" Huddle is just a basic chat room compared to this.

i think the reason why FBM is a separate app is because they're trying to compete with the likes of Kik, LiveProfile, BBM, and to a lesser extent, Trillian.

Can somebody tell me how to make it so i dont get spammed with messages on my phone, when im talking to someone via chat on my computer. I dont need to get the notifications twice. Any way for facebook to realize im signed in on two places.

What is the point of this since you can't even see who is online? Just fix the chat that's already included in the actual Facebook app instead of wasting time with a stand alone version.

What the heck is wrong with facebook?

First they made the sidebar on the web makes you see friends who are offline then this? A chat that won't let you know who's online? What's next?