If you weren't able to get in on pre-ordering a PlayStation VR Launch Bundle from Amazon U.S. before the retailer ran out of stock, Amazon has now confirmed the bundle will once again be available for purchase starting March 24. The retailer made the announcement via Twitter, noting sales will open back up at 2 p.m. PT:

Of course, Best Buy and Gamestop are also among the retailers in the U.S. offering PlayStation VR Launch Bundle pre-orders, so you you have options. Still, if you consider yourself an Amazon loyal, you'll be able to place a pre-order starting tomorrow, March 24 from the link below.

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Why is there PlayStation stuff here?

PlayStation on Android Central?!? We use our Android phones to interact with the PlayStation 4 — especially if you have a Sony Xperia phone. We're also talking a lot more about VR, and PlayStation VR is just as big a part of that conversation. It stretches things outside of Android a little, but it's also going to be a lot of fun. Enjoy!