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Over the summer, Facebook had a rocky update to its iOS app when they tried to shift everything away from HTML5. Ultimately focusing on HTML5 was a mistake, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent interview. He promised that we would see much better native apps (including one for Android at some point), and that mobile was going to be a huge part of the company going forward. Zuckerberg went so far as to say that Facebook is now a mobile company and that he expects mobile revenue to surpass desktop in the near future. As a side-note, Zuckerberg reiterated that no, they aren't working on making their own phone and that the strategy is still to wriggle onto every platform out there. 

How happy are you with Facebook's current Android app? What improvements need to be made? Will switching to a native framework fix everything? Which apps do you use to follow Facebook? Developers, is HTML5 a viable way to go, or is Facebook right to skip it in favor of a native app?

Source: TechCrunch