Instagram crossed 600 million users back in December, with a majority of its customers located outside the U.S. In a bid to make the app a more enticing option in emerging markets, Instagram is taking a leaf out of Facebook's playbook by rolling out an offline mode.


Instagram's Android app will now let you browse content that's previously downloaded in your feed, giving you the ability to like, save, and comment on posts and unfollow users even while you're offline. The changes will be synced to Instagram's servers the next time you go online.

Profiles you've visited are also available in offline mode, as are cached versions of the Explore tab and your own profile. The functionality is designed to make Instagram easier to use in developing countries, where cellular data isn't always reliable. For now, Instagram's Stories feature needs an active internet connection, but with the company looking to add more functionality to offline mode in the coming months, we'll be hearing more soon.