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Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi's Mi Band 2 is the third fitness tracker from the Chinese vendor. Like the Mi Band Pulse, the Mi Band 2 features a heart rate sensor at the back. New in the Mi Band 2 is the addition of a physical button and a display, giving you a quick overview of your daily steps, BPM, time, and more. The addition of the display means that the Mi Band 2 is slightly larger than the first-gen variant, but the overall design and structure is similar to the original Mi Band.

The Mi Band 2 will also come with a silicone band, and you have the ability to choose from several brightly-colored options. One of the main selling points of the Mi Band has been its affordability, which at $15 makes it one of most affordable fitness trackers currently available. The Mi Band 2 is similarly targeted at the budget segment.