A ton of people around the world use WhatsApp, and have for quite a while now. What started as a simple SMS replacement app has grown tremendously over the last eight years, and now does way more than just text. According to WhatsApp, 50 billion messages are sent each day alongside 760 million video and 80 million gifs. The point is, this app is a big deal even if you aren't using it.

To help celebrate eight years of improvement, WhatsApp is improving the Status feature. Here's how it's going to work, according to the WhatsApp blog:

As soon as you open the new Status tab, you'll see updates from friends and family who are WhatsApp users in your address book. You can reply privately to your friends' updates and control who sees what you share. All updates expire after 24 hours. And like other types of messages, you can mute or unmute contacts at any time.

Status messages can be text, video, gif, and it can all be improved with drawing or emoji like any other message. For people that live inside WhatsApp, this is almost like turning the Status page into its own little social network. It's an exciting change, and you can expect to see it rolling out to users all over the world this week.