This week's sidebar poll: Do you have Galaxy S6 active regret?

We've had over two months with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge readily available from just about any carrier or retailer you could've wanted to buy it from, and that means it was the perfect time for another GS6 variant to be announced. The Galaxy S6 active came onto the scene after a brief period of being rumored, and the big stat that stuck out was the battery. 3500 mAh in the Galaxy S6 active put the original GS6's 2550 mAh to shame, and in our time with it the battery made a world of difference in usability.

Add to that the Galaxy S6 active's water, dust and shock resistance, all while not losing the internals or camera that made the GS6 great, and you end up getting a great overall package. That is, if you hadn't already bought a Galaxy S6 in the first place.

Now that the Galaxy S6 active is available (albeit only from AT&T), do you regret going with a regular Galaxy S6 before it was announced? Or did you happen to just go with another phone altogether because you couldn't decide? Maybe you were one of the people who saw the Galaxy S4 and S5 Active be announced later than the regular version and strategically waited for the official launch of the GS6 active.

We want to know how it went down with your answer in this week's poll.