Track all the things

Last week we asked what kind of fitness tracking you want in your life. There are plenty of options out there to track your fitness, however you want to do it. This includes new products like the Under Armour HealthBox or tried and true apps like Google Fit.

We gave you four simple choices for last week's poll. You could choose between "I want to track as much as possible," "a simple easy to wear accessory that I don't have to think about," "something I can use on my smartphone," or "nothing."

Fitness tracker: poll followup

In first place with 38 percent of the overall vote, or 1015 individual votes was a simple easy to wear accessory. Tracking as much information as possible came into second with 24 percent of the vote, or 641 votes. No fitness tracking at all slid into third place with 23 percent, or 614 votes. In last place with 15 percent, or 400 votes was using an app on your smartphone.

So how do you like to track your fitness, or do you not track anything? Drop a line in the comments, and let us know!