Phone warz

Earlier in the week, we asked for thoughts on which new Android was the better flagship — the Droid Turbo or the Galaxy Note 4. With a question like that, we expected plenty of input, and we were not disappointed. But I do have to admit, I totally blew it trying to "pre-guess" the outcome.


Of the two listed choices, the results were pretty even. The Note 4 gets a slight edge, but support for the Turbo is strong. We're just glad that both are damn fine phones, and either choice is a good one.

What I expected was the third option, where you tell me to GTFO and the XXX phone is better, would get a much bigger portion of the votes. As you can see, just 11.3-percent of us had to pick a third option.

I can only imagine the phones we'll see in a few months at CES. In the meantime, discuss!