Google Plus poll results

The results are in — polls will remain on the homepage

We tried a little experiment last week with our weekly poll. Google did a really nice job with the way they handled the implementation of embedding a poll into a post and we had to give it a spin. It looks good, and more importantly, is easy to set up. A week later, I've looked at the results, read all the comments and email, thought about the numbers and have decided to keep the polls right here on the AC homepage.

The poll itself on Google+ was a lopsided affair, with 90-percent of the votes wanting to move the poll there. Pretty much what we expected. Comments on the blog post, the volume of email and other communication I received from AC readers was the opposite — almost everyone wants to keep them on AC. Again, this is what we expected would happen. The number of participants at Google+ was actually pretty good for this sort of poll, with 5,100 responses. Since everyone employed here at AC uses Google+, we could have moved things there and still have relevant numbers telling us how we all feel about certain subjects. By the numbers, it was a wash.

What wasn't so equal is the feedback. The comments on the weekly poll post are often a better indicator that the poll itself. A Google+ post has comments as well, but they don't feel the same, and seem to lack the comradery that we have here at AC. While doing a weekly poll is fun, I also try to use them to track trends with the people who matter to me — the ones visiting AC. That's important, and tipped the scales.

We'll work on putting polls in both places when we think one needs to go on Google+, then we can combine the results when we go over them. For now, though, polls are coming home to sit on their throne as the King of Bel Air. Look for this weeks' version tomorrow!