DNA v Not 2

While many a Verizon customer is still torqued that they didn't get a Nexus 4 on Big Red, it's not like there aren't going to be other phones released for the holidays. Case in point -- the heavyweight championship contenders you see above, namely the Droid DNA and the Galaxy Note 2.

They both are big, have great innards, and big shiny screens. We can see why each has it's fans. Even better, both will soon be sitting on a shelf, waiting for you and your wallet to come pay a visit. We're not going to rehash all the pros and cons of each, there's plenty of that being done in the forums if you need a refresher. We're just going to ask -- if you're a Verizon customer, which one tickles your fancy? There's a poll after the break, or you can find it sitting in the sidebar to the right. Answer it. Let the world know!

Before we leave for another week, let's have a look-see at last week's poll results.

Were you able to order a new Nexus?

Last week's poll

Looks like the demand is still strong, and we hope Google can get their act together and get them back up for sale. Retail has never been their strong suit.