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Could Samsung be planning to launch a full-sized tablet cousin to the Galaxy Note? Listings on Samsung's own blog, as well as a casting website, contain references to the "Galaxy Note 10.1", an as-yet unannounced device. A post with details of Samsung's Mobile World Congress 2012 developer day lists the device alongside the original Galaxy Note and S Pen SDK.

It's possible that this is a typo, however the fact that it's mentioned alongside an invitation to "experience the latest Samsung technology" suggests otherwise, as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is almost a year old at this point. What's more, the post itself has since been pulled from Samsung's site, suggesting that the revelation may have been accidental.

The plot thickens with the discovery of a casting call for a Samsung ad by The Verge, which refers to the mysterious device multiple times. The ad was to show the Galaxy Note 10.1 "education, financial planning, and art", and was due to start shooting this month, which would tie in nicely with a possible MWC unveiling.

While of limited use on the Galaxy Note's small screen, we could see S Pen's Wacom-based abilities being much more appealing on a full-sized tablet display. Samsung has previously alluded to the possibility of stylus input on a larger display, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see a re-vamped Galaxy Tab 10.1 with S Pen integration in the near future. Whatever Samsung ends up showing at Mobile World Congress, we'll be there to bring you full coverage.

Source: The Verge; BackStage (Google Webcache)