After being basically a no-show on the mobile front at CES 2015, Samsung looks to be coming in a big way to the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and they're bringing with them a… wavy line. Chances are we're going to get our first official glimpse at the Samsung Galaxy S6 at next month's event, but for now there's only so much we can divine from this teaser.

Bust out the Ouija board, it's invite time!

So… what are we looking at? It could be something, it could be absolutely nothing. It's a metallic-ish line with a bit of a curve/kink/bend to it. Could it be a curved screen like the Galaxy Note Edge or even a double curved screen? Or are we looking at an iteration of the notched metal frame found on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Check back in a month and we'll fill you in on all the relevant details, live from Barcelona. In the meantime, tells us: what do you see in this cryptic invite?

Source:; Via: SamMobile