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Roaming Lines Wallpaper

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Wallpaper Description

Roaming Lines is a generative art piece/live wallpaper that creates a spider's web of color on the background of your screen.

Each line obtains its color randomly but is constrained within the realms it's current color setting. In the free version of this program you can select three basic color settings: Black and white, random colors or shades of one random color. The line's path is also determined randomly so that they appear to roam around the wallpaper. In this version you can adjust the path of the lines as either being "roaming" or "straight".

Both of these features combine to create an image that slowly changes as layer upon layer of color built.

The image resets itself whenever the screen layout is changed (from portrait to landscape or vice versa) or whenever you touch the top left corner of your screen.

Because this program is randomly generated each time you start the program you are presented with a truly unique and ephemeral experience

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Roaming Lines