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Overland HD Live Wallpaper Wallpaper

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Wallpaper Description

It`s a wonder how diverse, beautiful and unusual can the Earth be from up above. Share this pleasure with us: look at high altitude and from space, move easily over the clouds and watch the passing airplanes.

-Wonderful views of nature (and not only this) from high altitude as well as from space
-Cities, mountains, steppes, deserts, tropics and many other places
-Real photos of landscapes taken from space
-Animated clouds and airplanes that fly by leaving traces
-Smooth OpenGL graphics
-Various image assets for devices with various resolution (include HD and ultra HD) and GPU
-Interactive several dimensions camera movement
-Parallax camera effect (using built-in accelerometer)
-Various settings for clouds, airplanes and camera

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Overland HD Live Wallpaper