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Free Android wallpapers for your smartphone

Getting wallpapers on your phone

1. Browse through the Wallpaper Gallery's many categories to find the image you want. Or, use the search function. Within a category, previews of the wallpaper images will be listed. When you see one you like, click on it to go to that wallpaper's download page.

2. Make sure you are logged in, or if you are not yet a registered member of, join now (it's easy and takes less than a minute). In addition to unlimited wallpaper downloads, you'll also be able to register for contests, get extra perks in the forums and otherwise strut your stuff as a member of the greatest Android community anywhere.

3. Once you are logged in, you have a few options for getting a wallpaper onto your phone:

  • Download Wallpaper! - This link allows you to download the wallpaper to your PC's desktop. From there, you can copy the wallpaper onto your phone or tablet, or then e-mail it to yourself.
  • Email This Wallpaper! - Allows for easy over-the-air installation. Simply specify the e-mail address you have on your phone, and click the "Email wallpaper!" link. You will receive an e-mail on your phone or tablet containing both a URL to the wallpaper and the wallpaper file itself, or you can specify to just receive the URL. By either clicking on the URL or opening the attached file, the wallpaper will open in your download to your Android devce. From there, open the image and set it as your wallpaper.
  • Use the QR code! - Each wallpaper has a unique QR code that you can scan. It'll immediately download the wallaper and is even easier than e-mailing it to yourself.

4. With the wallpaper now saved to your Android phone or tablet, you can set it to be your wallpaper at anytime by going into your Gallery app, hitting the menu button, then choosing "Set as" and "wallpaper."