Samsung Galaxy S6

When the Galaxy S6 was first announced, Microsoft also revealed that the smartphone would have the Android versions of its OneDrive, OneNote and Skype apps preinstalled on the device, along with the Galaxy S6 edge. Those apps are not installed if you get the phone from Verizon. We reached out to the carrier and got a confirmation from a company spokesperson:

I can confirm that the Microsoft apps are not preloaded but customers are free to download them from the Google Play Store at any point they would like. That way they can pick and choose which of those apps they want to install and use and can remove them when they want as well . We aren't blocking or disabling their usage.

In addition, Neowin says that AT&T has chosen not to preload the OneDrive app on its Galaxy S6. The phone does come with all of the apps in the Samsung-Microsoft agreement from T-Mobile and Sprint.

Via: Neowin

Samsung Galaxy S6



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