Verizon Galaxy Note 2

A quick heads up for those of you who own the Verizon Galaxy Home Button, erm, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -- a software update is currently coming down the pike. We don't know exactly what's in version LL4 (Verizon's usually excellent upgrade info pages are currently failing us), but it's looking like the Exynos exploit is targeted, and that'd make sense, seeing as how other Samsung devices have been updated for the same thing this week.

Update: OK. The changelog is as follows:

  • Android Security Patch added for additional security.

Verizon Galaxy Note 2Verizon Galaxy Note 2

Here's exactly what the fine folks in our Verizon Note 2 forums are seeing. We've got an e-mail into Verizon for more details, and we'll update if and when we get 'em.

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