Ventev Glide Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Sometimes it pays to go with a pouch


If you've ever owned a BlackBerry in the past, there's a strong chance you paired it up with a pouch case – or at least it looks like every single owner did. They're not perhaps the first style we consider anymore for carrying our much larger Android phones, but there's still a lot to be said for one. Especially when they're sleek and stylish like this Ventev Glide Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

One of the things I like about pouches over say, a flip case, is that you're getting the same level of protection for your phone but without the annoyance of having to fold back the front cover all the time to use it. The Galaxy S5 sits nice and snug in the Ventev, but not so snug that you'll need to give it a yank to pull it out. The stitched sides are sturdy but with just a little play in them. The inside has a thin, but soft microfiber lining and up top is a simple, yet still clever magnetic latch.

The magnet in the latch that goes over the top of the pouch is really strong, so you'll never have to worry about the phone falling out. Hold it upside down all you want, it's going nowhere. When you do want to pull the phone out, pull the latch up and as if by magic the phone lifts just enough out of the top of the pouch to give you something to grab.

All in all the Ventev Glide is an excellent case for the Galaxy S5 that combines style with total protection.

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