anomoly defenders

The Humble Bundle team has not one but two new deals that it launched this week that will be of interest to Android gamers who want to save some big bucks on a bunch of titles.

The Humble Bundle 11 has games that have been released for both Android and PC. People can pay whatever they want to get four titles, Bridge Constructor Playground, Thomas Was Alone and Cubemen 1 and 2. Folks who pay more than the average amount will get access to four more games: Small World 2 with a Royal Bonus DLC pack, along with the first three games in the Blackwell series (Legacy, Unbound and Convergence).

Finally, if you pay $11 or more you can get all those games plus Surgeon Simulator and the just released Anomaly Defenders. Remember, that price includes access to both the PC and Android versions of all those titles. That bundle deal will end on October 7.

Meanwhile, there's also the new Humble Mobile Bundle 8 which is just for Android games. This time you can pay whatever you want for four games: Doodle Devil Premium, Doodle God Premium, Tentacle Wars and Wave Wave. If you pay more than the average, more games are added: TowerMadness 2 and Little Big Adventure. People who pay $5 or more for the bundle will get an additional game, EPOCH.2. This deal will end on October 8.

Will you be spending a little bit of money to take advantage of both of these new Humble Bundle deals?

Source: Humble Bundle