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Over at Sister Site WMExperts, we had high hopes for MailShadowG, which makes Gmail look like an Exchange server. Sadly, the service turned out to only work for desktop, not mobile.

Well now it looks like the folks at Cemaphore have set their sights on mobile, but they're doing it with Android! Instead of making Google look like Exchange, they're making Exchange work for the G1. Well, technically, they're not doing anything all that different from what they were doing before.

How it works is that MailShadowG is a desktop application that syncs your Outlook email and PIM data with Gmail and Google Calendar. The upshot is that as long as your desktop is on and the MailShadowG client is running, you're synchronizing your Exchange content with Gmail. The downside: you have to have a PC and you have to leave it up and running. The upside: instead of paying an extra service fee, you just purchase MailShadowG once ($29.95 now, $49.95 after Nov 20th). Cemaphore does plan to add a complete server-side Gmail solution in MailShadowX soon

Check it out here [via Brighthand]