Experiencing virtual reality will forever change the way you view gaming, but unfortunately, it can be super expensive to build and manage a VR rig. Today, Amazon is giving you the opportunity to enjoy life-changing gaming, movies, and more by offering the Oculus Go 32GB Standalone Virtual Reality Headset at just $169. That price saves you $30 off the usual cost and beats its Black Friday 2018 deal by $10.

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Oculus Go Virtual Reality Standalone Headset

Step into another world at the best price we've ever seen. You don't need extra equipment like a fancy PC or powerful console to run this system, either.

$169.00 $199.00 $30 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Oculus Go us a virtual reality headset designed for everyone. It's the third headset from Oculus, and it's meant to exist between the phone-powered Samsung Gear VR and PC-powered Oculus Rift. It's a little more capable than the phone-powered headset, but not quite as capable as the PC-powered experience. But as a standalone system, meaning it doesn't need to connect to anything, Oculus Go offers something unique. There are plenty of critically-acclaimed games to play, movies to watch, and concerts in which you can immerse yourself. The portable form factor is unique to this headset, too, and there are built-in speakers for great sound without a mess of cords. You may want to invest in a carrying case to protect your gear on the go.

Android Central put the Go through its paces in our in-depth review, so it's worth checking that out if you want to know more. If you're already decided, now's the time to buy it at a new low price!

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