This is a Galaxy Alpha with an alligator leather back

French phone shoppers have a new and extra-fancy option at their disposal: a Samsung Galaxy Alpha that ditches the plastic back for one of alligator leather. The phones, which otherwise are the same as their plastic-backed sisters — right down to the metal frame, will run shoppers €649, an increase of €80 over the standard version. That extra cash also comes with exclusivity — only 100 of each of the four different backs are available.

Motorola's Moto X (2014) is available with a leather back as well, though the more pedestrian cowhide option here is only $25 more.

We are looking at four different models here. The Galaxy Alpha édition limitée Free Lance Bordeaux offers a deep red, Free Lance Bleu is a sort of turquoise, Jean-Baptiste Rautureau Marron is a less-ostentatious brown, and Jean-Baptiste Rautureau Gris is a pretty standard black. At least as standard as alligator leather on a Galaxy Alpha can be.

If you're interested, the leather-backed Galaxy Alphas are available now through the Samsung France website, though at just 100 each, you'll want to order soon before they're all snapped up by fashion conscious Frenchmen.

Source: Samsung France; Via: Phone Arena

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