Google Daydream

As promised when Google unveiled the Daydream View headset for you to slide a Pixel or Pixel XL into, there will be more than 50 games available for the new VR platform before the end of the year. As Google crosses the 50 app mark today, with a healthy selection of games, educational apps, 360-degree video, and virtual theater apps it's clear the goal is to offer a little something for everyone. The latest wave of games made available to Daydream users marks the single largest expansion of the platform since its launch date, both in number of apps added and their individual quality.

We've been taking a look at these new titles for a couple of days now, and have some thoughts to share on the latest additions to Daydream!

  • Gunjack 2: End of Shift — The sequel to one of the most played VR games on the planet is exclusive to Daydream, and it's more challenging and just as exciting as its predecessor. Check out our full review for more!

  • Wands — You're a sorcerer prowling 1880's London in search of other battlecasting mages, and your next opponent is another Daydream user. This multiplayer online combat game lets you build your wand to your spec and cast your way to dominance against your fellow VR users. Here's our full review!

  • HBO VR — Whether you're an HBO Go or an HBO Now subscriber, you can now sit in a private VR theater and watch every movie and show currently available to you. If that's not cool enough, get ready for exclusive 360-degree HBO VR content early next year. Our full review breaks down the experience.

  • LEGO Brickheadz — This free app lets you interact with unique LEGO characters in VR, as well as build and manipulate complex LEGO structures all around you. It's a great game for all ages, but surely one you're going to want to share with the kids. Check out our full review!

  • Layers of Fear: Solitude — One of the best psychological horror games you can play on PC is coming to Daydream with a twisted new story. Everything is more terrifying in VR, and this game is no exception. Our review has all the terrifying details!

  • Need for Speed: No Limits VR — Racing games in VR help you feel like you're really in the driver's seat, and Need for Speed is one of the most iconic racing brands in existence. How does racing feel with a Daydream controller, though? Read our review and find out!

  • Underworld Overlord — Why be the hero when you can be the villain? This game is all about defending your dungeon from would-be adventurers by placing traps and casting spells to stop them cold. Playing this game in VR creates a unique perspective for you to enjoy, so be sure and head to our review for more info!

It's clear Google saved some of the best games in their initial Daydream arsenal for last, and that's great news for anyone looking to get a little more out of their VR headset after enjoying the initial offerings. As Google positions Daydream as a the best mobile VR headset for anyone looking to buy a new phone next year, this healthy selection of titles is going to make a big difference.