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Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab Screen Shot

Now that we're all getting our Samsung Galaxy Tabs, we're going to want to take a screen shot or two, right? And Sammy's made it easy for us. No rooting, no muss, no fuss.

To take a screen shot on your Galaxy Tab, all you have to do is hold the back button and press the power button. You'll hear a shutter "click."

Screen shots are automatically saved onto the Tab's microSD card, in the ScreenCapture folder. You can the e-mail them, mount the device and manually move to your computer, upload somewhere -- whatever you want!

We know this works on the Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile versions of the Galaxy Tab, and presumably it will on the AT&T version, too.

Props to ConceptVBS in our Galaxy Tab forums for pointing this one out!

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