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Galaxy Tab Screen Shot

Now that we're all getting our Samsung Galaxy Tabs, we're going to want to take a screen shot or two, right? And Sammy's made it easy for us. No rooting, no muss, no fuss.

To take a screen shot on your Galaxy Tab, all you have to do is hold the back button and press the power button. You'll hear a shutter "click."

Screen shots are automatically saved onto the Tab's microSD card, in the ScreenCapture folder. You can the e-mail them, mount the device and manually move to your computer, upload somewhere -- whatever you want!

We know this works on the Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile versions of the Galaxy Tab, and presumably it will on the AT&T version, too.

Props to ConceptVBS in our Galaxy Tab forums for pointing this one out!

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Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab


I'm sure it will be some day.


Also... what's the point of the search widget? Why not just press the search button and gain 1x4 realestate on your screen?

No reason screenshots can't be this easy on my Captivate (and every other Android)...even iPhone has a built in screenshot feature....they should add it into froyo!

The day after Google adds the ability for anything to hook into a stock launcher screen capture intent without root (which probably won't happen) will be the day someone exploits it.

Would you like some app with a hidden "feature" that uploads screenshots to 4chan every time you open your gmail account?

Samsung's TouchWiz isn't open source. If it were, this would already be exploited. I do agree that it would make a great feature for phones running Sense, TW, or Blur, but keep it out of AOSP please.

Android Open Source Project.

It's the code used to build stock Android. Anyone can download and modify it. Or dig through it to find security holes.

Samsung's TouchWiz isn't open source. If it were, this would already be exploited.

Ouch. Somebody has a pretty Microsoft induced understanding of open source. Android is open source Jerry. How come your worry doesn't apply to that?

Try reading that again. My worry starts with my thoughts of why this doesn't belong in stock Android.

If you have specific questions, ask them. If you have a counterpoint, feel free to make it.

The first thing I thought is why cant it be this easy on all phones.. All(?) 'smartphones' can do this.. Having to shake my phone to get a screenshot is also freaking retarded...