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Android fan posts video response to Apple's 'If you don't have an iPhone' ads

Android fan posts video response to Apple's 'If you don't have an iPhone' ads

Jerry Hildenbrand 51

YouTube link for mobile viewingApple has tried (and failed) to let us know that if we don't have an iPhone we can't pay for our coffee, we don't have books in our pockets, we don't have an application store, and we don't have a tiny magical box filled with unicorn tears.  OK, maybe they didn't say that last one.  Android fan and filmmaker mmace decided that rather than shake his head...

Q&A: Explaining how the Nexus One was used to take control of a host computer

Jerry Hildenbrand 6

Two researchers from George Mason University, Dr. Angelos Stavrou, and Zhaohui Wang, have demonstrated the ability to use a smartphone (a Nexus One, but Dr. Stavrou says this applies to the iPhone as well) as a HID (Human Input Device) via USB.  Simply put, just plugging the phone into a computer causes it to act as a mouse or keyboard, with no server on the computer in question, and...

Marty Mobile -- inventor of the cell phone -- says Android 'every bit as good' as iPhone

Phil Nickinson 11

When we saw Martin Cooper -- the inventor of the cell phone, by the way -- on C-SPAN in March, he was telling us how he gave up his iPhone for the Motorola Droid. Fast forward to today, and he's continuing his praises of everybody's favorite smartphone operating system, this time in a Q&A with CNN. Much of it has to do with his influence on the cell phone industry, but it's the...