Google removes Facebook contact syncing on Nexus S, leaves it as is on Nexus One

Chris Kerrigan 18

If you were a recipient of the Android 2.3.3 OTA that went out to the Nexus S, or went ahead and did it manually, you may have noticed that Facebook contact syncing is suddenly missing. That's because Google has purposely removed the feature from the Nexus S and all future "googlephones" because users can't pull those synced Facebook contacts off the phone, and if you decide to remove...

Sibblingz and Crowdstar bringing It Girl to Android, to use Facebook's single sign-on

Jerry Hildenbrand 1

Using the new Facebook single sign-on feature, Sibblingz, in partnership with Crowdstar, has announced that it is bringing the popular Facebook game It Girl to Android.   For those unfamiliar, It Girl looks like an MMO game designed with the young lady in mind.  I predict it will be wildly popular, much like it is (Sibblingz reports over 4.5 million active monthly users) on the Facebook...