T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6

Here's one little change in the latest software update to T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S6 and GS6 edge that's going to be a welcome one for many of us.

You can now get rid of the S Finder and Quick Connect shortcuts on the quick-settings drop-down. Here's how to do it.

  1. Pull down from the top of the screen. Tap the "Edit" button next to the gear icon.
  2. Look down at the bottom of the screen and un-check "S Finder" or "Quick Connect."
  3. Go back to the top of the screen and tap "Done."

That's it. You'll now get a little bit of space back in the notification area.

Still missing from T-Mobile's version, however, is the ability to add a shortcut for the mobile hotspot feature. But you can have it is a quick option in the settings menu, which is still better than nothing.

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Thanks to erasat for pointing this one out!

Samsung Galaxy S6



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