T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3

T-Mobile's Galaxy Note 3 seems to be picking up the same update treatment as its Galaxy S5 did earlier today, with two different updates hitting devices depending on what version of software they're currently on. For those who were in a VoLTE market and received the first update to enable that service, a 25.79MB update is coming to bring you up to the most recent version, N900TUVUDNF4. If you didn't receive that update back in June to enable VoLTE, you'll be getting a 188MB download today to enable it, along with a few other small features.

Just like the Galaxy S5 update, T-Mobile isn't being entirely clear about what else has changed. We know the update brings Download Booster to the phone, which is great for those with unlimited data plans still, but beyond that we expect general "improvements" as T-Mobile says. These updates land alongside T-Mobile's announcement today that VoLTE is available "nationwide," which makes sense.

Have you seen the update hit your device yet? Go ahead and let us know in the comments.

Source: T-Mobile; Thanks, Carl!

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