T-Mobile CEO John Legere

Now that Google's Project Fi is officially official, the partners are starting to weigh in. And one of the first is (unsurprisingly), T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

So what did the outspoken exec and the public face behind the "Uncarrier" movement have to say?


Google has well established their brand as a technology innovator that has benefited customers in a ton of fantastic ways. So, when our friends in Mountain View approached us with their ideas for changing up wireless, it was a no-brainer to team up with them again.

T-Mobile and Google go way back. In fact, we got together to launch the world's very first Android smartphone in 2008—the T-Mobile G1. Since then, we've worked together to bring several breakthrough innovations to market—most recently the Nexus 6, the very first Nexus that will have Wi-Fi Calling (coming soon to your T-Mobile Nexus 6!).

Legere was sure to point out, however, that for as cool as Project Fi sounds, it's still lacking some of T-Mobile's own features — HD voice and its "next-gen Wifi Calling" were mentioned specifically. We'll just have to wait and see how Google's cellular-Wifi handoffs differ from T-Mobile's in real life, we suppose.

Source: T-Mobile newsroom

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