Swiftkey in Chinese

SwiftKey has wrapped up the beta for the Chinese implementation of their custom Android keyboard, and now has Simplified Chinese, Tiawan traditional Chinese, and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese input options.

The addition has required renewed prediction strength for full sentences, but includes the same language learning algorithm we've come to trust. Along with language support, SwiftKey has a new theme to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Here are more specifics what the latest SwiftKey update has to offer.

Simplified Chinese

  • QWERTY Pinyin input method
  • 12-Key Pinyin input method
  • Stroke input method

Taiwan Traditional Chinese

  • Full Key Zhuyin (Bopomofo) input method
  • 12-Key Zhuyin (Bopomofo) input method
  • Stroke input method

Hong Kong Traditional Chinese

  • Cangjie input method
  • Quick Cangjie input method
  • Stroke input method

Source: SwiftKey