Google Play Music

In last week's poll we asked what is your favorite streaming music service? There are tons of options out there from Google Play Music to Pandora. With so many options it can be hard to stick with just one. That's why we wanted to know who had your loyalty, when it came to getting your tunes wherever you might be.

Streaming Music poll recap

Google Music lead the way in last week's poll, grabbing first place with a whopping 40 percent. Not far behind at 32 percent of the vote, was Spotify. In third place was Other, with only 8 percent of the vote. Pandora slid into fourth place, with 7 percent. Amazon Prime Music managed to snag 5 percent of the overall vote, and Apple Music had another 4 percent. In seventh place with only 2 percent of the vote was Slacker. Tidal and Rhapsody tied for eighth place, with only 1 percent of the vote each. Our last place was also a tie of 0 percent for both R.dio and Last.Fm.

Was your favorite streaming service on our poll? Let us know why it's your favorite in the comments!