Samsung Galaxy S5

Sprint has issued a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a few tweaks and fixes, but the most notable one is that it makes it so S Finder doesn't offer up Google search results anymore. The update also intends to fix resonsiveness with the S View Cover, let you take pictures during a voice call, and squash a few alarm and e-mail bugs.

As is, S Finder has generally been more about searching for results locally on the device than out on the web, though new search categories can be enabled by apps you install later. Though two of our international S5s never had Google web search through S Finder to begin with, apparently T-Mobile's did (and still does).

Moves like this illustrate both Samsung's willingness to push beyond Google's Android platform, and also why nobody uses Samsung's apps. Despite its front-and-center location in the notification tray, S Finder hasn't seen a lot of use on my S5, but maybe your situation is different. S5 owners, is S Finder (or any preloaded Samsung apps for that matter) a big deal for you? What do you make of Samsung's gradual drifting away from Google services? Sprint customers, are you getting this update yet?

Source: Sprint; Thanks to slackerjack in the forums for the heads up